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San Juan Hearth and Renewables carries the most efficient photovoltaic systems available on the market today. We're the premiere solar design and installation company in the Durango area, and we're proud of the systems we've engineered over the years. For more than 35 years in business, we know how to get the most out of our sun.

We carry both fixed array mount and Watsun Solar Trackers, a system that utilizes tilt and roll trackers that follow the sun all day long. Applications range from small agricultural systems (water pumps) to comprehensive residential and industrial systems. Efficient and reliable products by Sanyo, SMA America, Photowatt, Wattsun, Outback Power, and Xantrex (formally Trace Engineering) enable us to design a system for you that will maximize your energy output while minimizing your dependency on fossil fuels and utility companies. Click on the manufacturers listed below to view the many diverse photovoltaic products and systems available, then call us to discuss your unique needs and desires.

Sanyo SolarSanyo

Sanyo takes pride in being pioneers in solar power. As pioneers in solar power, their commitment to solar energy is reflected in the 30 years they have spent refining solar technology. Coming from the global leader in high efficiency and innovative solar solutions, SANYO's customers have come to expect the most technologically-advanced solar panels in the world. SANYO's HIT solar panels are designed with an eye for aesthetics, making them attractive additions to any home.


Quantum leaps in Technology. Innovations that have been setting standards in solar technology for more than 25 years. The knowledge of more than 300 engineers. A unique product range that offers the right PV inverter for every solar power system. That's what SMA stands for. As technological leaders, SMA develops and manufactures highly efficient solar inverters for any installation size, all power classes and any specifications worldwide, regardless of the type of solar modules.


The largest integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic plates, cells and modules in Europe and the world leader in silicon thin slice cell technology, it is present right across world markets. It holds around 8% market share and is presently among the first five world class manufacturers. Its market position is the result of strategic choices made in relation to raw materials and processes, that have led to increased performance and far reaching economies at every stage of the process.

Wattsun Solar Trackers

Wattsun trackers can be used for any solar tracker application . They make trackers for water pumping, remote homes, or village and industrial power. The tracker control systems are not limited to Wattsun PV Trackers. Controls are used in exposure testing, small dish concentrators , solar day-lighting systems , solar thermal arrays and have even been suspended below balloons attempting to circumnavigate the globe.


Xantrex (formally Trace Engineering) is the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of inverters, inverter/chargers, charge controllers and complete balance of systems solutions for solar (PV), wind and renewable energy industries. Our products are used in off-grid, grid-connected and backup power applications for residential, commercial, and municipal customers.

Outback Power

Outback Power systems is an engineer-owned, customer focused, power systems equipment manufacturer. Their engineers all have decades of power conversion design and equipment installation experience. They share a passion for leading the industry into a new era of balance of systems equipment performance, ease of use, and standardization.

Solar World

Solar World is America’s largest solar manufacturer, in business since 1975. They offer Sunmodule Plus solar panels, with silver or black components. They come with a 25 year warranty and have a high-performance monocrystalline cell structure, stable aluminum frame for easy mounting, and extended cable lengths. Solar mounting systems are for pitched or flat roofs or the ground, an easy installation of solar panels. They include module clamping hardware, wire clips, and preset rail lengths. Endless Energy in Durango offers Solar World’s inverters and monitoring solutions. The inverters deliver power even if the power goes out and minimize the effects of shade. The monitoring device is ideal for large solar plants, transmitting data and storing measurement values. This is designed to make fast adjustments to optimize your energy.

Sun Power

Sunpower has been in business since 1985 and is a global leader in solar technology. They offer solar panels, energy monitoring, and Sun Power Energy Assurance. This guarantee offers remote system monitoring and protection for your investment. Their products deliver more electricity than many other solar products, help you leave the smallest carbon footprint by using fewer panels, and offer a high return on your investment.


Hyundai offers solar power systems, wind turbines, and energy storage systems. They have 8 series of panels for home and commercial use. All panels are delivered ready for connection. There are six inverters available, converting DC power to AC power. You can also purchase complete systems made up of several types of products. Wind turbine systems are available for farms and other industries, with three main models to choose from. Finally, the energy storage system stores reserved energy for when the weather is less than perfect or the power goes out.

Thermal Solar Systems

Choose Quality...

San Juan Hearth and Renewables carries the most efficient and productive solar water heating systems available on the market today. We're the premiere solar design and installation company in the Durango area, and we're proud of the systems we've engineered over the years. For more than 35 years in business, we know how to get the most out of our sun.

We carry solar collectors manufactured by SunEarth Inc., a leader in solar design and applications. Endless Energy Systems has designed and installed systems that heated the home, heated the hot water for the home, and heated the swimming pool, too! Thermal solar systems offer the most diverse opportunities for maximum use of our renewable resources. Click on the manufacturer below to learn more about the exciting new advances in thermal solar technology, then call us to discuss your unique needs and desires.

SunEarth Inc.

SunEarth Inc., established in California in 1978, manufactures industry standard solar water heating collectors and systems for residential and commercial applications. Each Sun Earth product is carefully engineered for a world market that demands simple, durable, and reliable solar water heating components and integrated systems.

Wind Energy

San Juan Hearth and Renewables carries the latest wind generators available on the market today. With cutting edge products like Southwest Windpower's Skystream, just about anyone can add a grid-tied or off-grid power generator to their home or office. Talk to our experts to find out what system is best for you.

Southwest Windpower

Southwest Windpower

The mission of Southwest Windpower is t o enhance the lifestyle of those in the global community who still do not have access to conventional power through the development and distribution of low cost, reliable, renewable energy technologies for lighting, communication and education. For those with conventional power, to reduce the world’s dependence on often unstable and polluting fossil fuels, while at the same time, building a profitable enterprise that offers financial security to its shareholders and those employed.