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San Juan Hearth and Renewables offers beautiful, safe and efficient wood burning fireplaces and stoves from trusted manufacturers like Pacific Energy, Jøtul, Heatilator, Regency, Kozy Heat, Iron Strike, MF FireRSF Fireplaces, and Blaze King.

Indoor fireplaces and free standing wood stoves inspire the senses with visual appeal and the gentle snap, crackle, and pop of wood burning while also providing warmth and comfort throughout the seasons in Durango.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood burning fireplaces create a welcome point to any room with the added value of the latest in wood heat technology. Select a modern or contemporary design and discover the many benefits delivered by the glow of a great fire. 

Wood Stoves

San Juan Hearth and Renewables offers a variety of radiant and convection wood stove options with personal choices to inspire any selection including clearance, color, character lines, and leg details. Wood stoves contribute warmth, function and a special visual appeal to any space. 

Chimney Systems

San Juan Hearth and Renewables installs and services chimney systems for wood fireplaces and stoves. Systems are specifically designed to safely vent heat, smoke, and soot, ensuring the fireplace or stove is performing at optimal efficiency. 

Proud to Partner with the Best in Wood

San Juan Hearth and Renewables works with leading partners and manufacturers to bring quality and value in heating design and efficiency to the residential and commercial community.

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